Thursday, January 13, 2022

My Mother Is Now With The Angels

My mother passed on today. She's on her next adventure. Ninety years well lived.

I visited my mother in NY in July 2021. We had a delightful day at the Museum of Modern Art. 

Larry Wolf, Mom at MoMA (2021)

She was a big fan of having lunch at the museums as part of the experience. MoMA was one of her favorite places for both the art and the food.

Larry Wolf, Lunch with Mom at MoMA (2021)

Her own apartment was overflowing with her own art.

Larry Wolf, Mom's Art (2021)

How to honor a life? 

By keeping the person alive in my life, in the lives of my sisters, in the lives of her grandsons, in the many lives she touched with her life. 

She reinvented herself many times: a wife and mother, a single parent, an office worker, a therapist, an artist, and so much more. She was a great example of living every day fully, with passion, with creativity, with love.

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  1. Your mom looks like an amazing person! And I love that wall of art! It looks like she "stayed young" no matter how old she was. So happy you were able to spend time with her last summer. Sending you my love....