Thursday, January 27, 2022

Healing a Broken Heart


Larry Wolf, Reading on the Road (2022)
There Is Nothing So Whole As A Broken Heart, edited by Cindy Milstein (2021)

havdalah bracha

between the sea and the dry land;
between the upper waters above and the lower waters below;
between jews and goyim --
let us distinguish the parts within the whole and bless their differences.
may our lives be made whole through relation. 
blessed are we, who make holy the profane;
who experience the gradients between light and dark;
who build solidarity beyond nations;
who ritualize the passage of time.

may we be our own prophets, strength and song in hand.
dance with us to grow the song of the world.
dance with us to repair the world.
come with us to the waters of redemption.

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