Saturday, August 30, 2014

Self-Organizing Organizations

A friend is hosting a workshop to focus his small company, Courage Labs. Here's his recommended reading/viewing list and commentary:

Talks about how to build solid organizations that people want to work in/on.  I'll be using "Orange" and "Green" and "Teal" a lot -- you should know what that means in an organizational context.

A Teal organization (see above) doesn't have a master planner -- it has partners who care and work to help the organization evolve.  I have a strong bias toward this particular ruleset.

A 20-minute introductory video about Holacracy (without a lot of detail).

Introduces the Holacracy governance system, its core meetings and constitution.  My intention is to have Courage Labs abide by the Holacracy Constitution.

I want Courage Labs to be a place that is beyond profit.  A purpose-driven organization that is driven as much (if not more) by how much it benefits the world as how it generates profit.  I will be pushing for reorganizing Courage Labs as a Benefit Corporation.

A Holacracy "app" that can define how to "split up" ownership of a Holacractic organization.  I'll be asking everyone at this meeting what tier they belong in.