Transient Utopias

Larry Wolf, Transient Utopias: Fractured, Master Screen (2022)

Transient Utopias

Larry Wolf, Transient Utopias: Fractured (2022)

Utopia, from Greek for no place. These are worlds that exist as memory or fantasy. They are transient, from Latin for going beyond, of no fixed abode. Places I never have been or where I might be again.

Yet I desire them: 
ancestors who are alive; 
collaboration with my artist mother; 
wild and gnarly sunflowers; 
nature entwined with essential infrastructure;
fractured urban surfaces opening to the cosmos.

T-shirts are functional, washable, wearable art. They are hand-crafted imperfect mechanical reproductions; a celebration of everyday life.

Larry Wolf, Transient Utopias (2022)

Continuous Span 2022

Design Credit: DaJona Butler (2022)

The first five t-shirts of Transient Utopias are part of the Continuous Span 2022 group exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center, October 3 - 30, 2022.

Larry Wolf, Transient Utopias -
Overgrown (2022)

Larry Wolf, Transient Utopias -
Collaboration (2022)

Larry Wolf, Transient Utopias -
Ancestors & Sunflowers (2022)

Larry Wolf, Transient Utopias -
Fractured (2022)

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The text in Transient Utopias - Fractured uses Be Oakley's Act Up Protest font.

The image of the cosmos in Transient Utopias - Fractured is from NASA's Webb Space Telescope.

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