Monday, February 21, 2022

A Strong Reaction

Larry Wolf, Maxi - Why Such A Strong Reaction! (2022)

The details don't matter but my reaction does. A friend asked whether my artwork is inspired by my mother. 

I felt a huge surge of anger, a fight-to-the-death need to defend my art as my own, to defend my independence, to defend my agency, to defend my life. Not of by or for my mother. Hell NO!

It was a momentary flash. I noticed it. He noticed it. Yikes!

Who or what am I protecting? What does that have to do with my mother? 

There's some ancient personal shit here... about being my own person... and who knows what else... I know... buried... by me... once upon a time. 

Time to do some excavating and some composting. Definitely something valuable here.

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