Monday, February 18, 2019

Talking with Tommy

It was a bright cold day. Like today but not as cold. I took the L to 18th Street and walked to Tommy's gallery, Gallery19.

I had brought a box of 5x7 prints, a sampling of images that speak to me. Some I took. Some I downloaded from the Internet. Some of mine were of people and places. Others were of artists' work in museums that spoke to me. I grouped them. Portraits. Abstracts. Selfies. Vertical. Horizontal. Mine. Others.

We talked our way through the pictures. The different papers. The different tonal qualities. The use of various techniques and no technique. Some intentional. Some captured quickly in a moment.
L Tracks at Adams and Wabash

Tommy commented that there was an architectural quality to the images, that one could take portraits of buildings, that an architectural element could show up in pictures of people, like the work of Edward Steichen.
Edward J. Steichen: The Flatiron
(1904, printed 1909)

Looking for an image of Steichen's, I'm struck by the 110 years from when this image of the Flatiron Building was printed. How young the art of photography is. That Steichen lived until 1973, when I was 21. I might have met him in person. Our lives overlapped in time although not in the same place, at the same time. Might have but didn't, other than in his photographs and those of others inspired by him and his work.

Developing My Craft

Tommy had a few suggestions for taking my images further.
  1. Go out and play
  2. Think about the images
  3. Group them
  4. Read
  5. Repeat
Seem like the right things to be doing. Let the games begin!


Besides looking at images, the thing I like best is reading. Here are a couple of Tommy's suggestions. More about them at a later time.

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