Sunday, February 10, 2019

My Mindfulness Practice Today


My meditation practice today has been creating 100 squares of paper. They started out as a double-sided 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. Each square was a strip of paper that had to be trimmed on all four sides, then folded twice. Slice. Turn. Slice. Turn. Slice. Turn. Slice. Slice. Slice. Stack the strips. Check on the geometry for folding. Trim the last edge. Fold into a square. One and another.

Strategic Health Network

I'm relaunching my consulting business this month at the HIMSS19 conference in Orlando and the NASL conference in DC. These will be opportunities to meet with old friends for our annual check-in, to explore what's happening in the world of Health IT, and to be surprised a few times. I'm looking for the sparks of excitement that will help me identify what's next.

To engage with attendees at these events, I designed a hybrid business card, brochure, resume and notepad. Something that would fit in the conference badge holder, that would stand out from all the business cards that everyone collects and then wonders "Who gave this to me?" "What did we talk about?" Not so big it was tossed in the heap of brochures and flyers only to be never looked at again.

Open Space

I especially wanted the back of the tri-fold to be mainly blank with just the Strategic Health Network url across the bottom. I plan to use this as "the back of an envelop" for a note or diagram.  The ideas that were the heart of a conversation.

It will be a good discipline for me to write or draw something, to do more than hand out contact info. The real value of a conference is the human connection, the random moments of shared thinking, the ideas that might still be valuable the next day.

Each of these small squares is filled with potential, an open field for dancing, This is one fill-in-the-blank exercise with only right answers. 👍

I'm looking forward to what appears!

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