Drawing Project - Fall 2022

Larry Wolf, Beginning (2022)

Tuesday 1 November 2022


A series of drawings weaving together mom’s art, urban landscape, inner landscape, abstract and literal, monochrome and color. Transient Utopias.


An archive of family and personal photographs and sketchbooks, uncovering, highlighting their visual language.


Looking inward for wisdom when the outer world is in transition -- the ripples of COVID in society, the ripples of hierarchies, imperialism, globalization, personal and political.


Combining scanning, printing, drawing in pen and pencil, color and watercolor paints, digital printing and zines and/or an artist’s book


Give away the works along the way, the drawings, the scans, the zines - to family, and to social media, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Quimby’s


Periodic. Progressive. Public. Updates to my blog with my steps along the way and a personal high-res digital archive… and a final book in a limited run

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