Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Containing Multitudes

Larry Wolf, Beloved 2 (2024)

This single image contains multitudes: 37,260,000 pixels from 79 portraits across 25 years of commitment with my beloved. They are of the mundane moments, the shared meals, waiting for a train or on a plane, resting at the end of a day. Some are from our travels, most are at home or close to home, often in our own bubble, also with friends and family. The most personal and vulnerable times were too intimate for a camera, and yet, in the accumulation of daily life, perhaps, is the deepest connection. 

We hold each other in our gaze, two men, our lives entangled, the composite image dense and ephemeral.  The underlying photographs were made with a variety of cameras and lenses, years of devotion, nurturing each other. The process of layering these images was a further devotion, selecting, sizing and aligning them, setting the transparency levels, and making final adjustments to the overall image. 

[Accepted for Devotion: A Queer Photography Exhibition, curated by Taylor Roberts and Grace Coudal, Latitude Chicago, June 2024

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