Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Scott Fortino - Museum of Contemporary Photography

I am taken by how evocative these highly formal photographs are. Captivated by what I see, I imagine the photographer carefully composing each image, simultaneously minimal and visually complex. The photographs, while showing no person, are filled with the presence of those who built the space, lived or worked or visited there, and the photographer, seeing what was there and making the photograph. They invite me to look ever more closely at the world around me.
I discovered Scott Fortino's work when browsing the MoCP on-line catalog. I then saw them in person, as physical objects. What a great resource. Many many thanks.

These are a few screenshots from the MoCP Collection

Scott Fortino, Chicago (moving water) (1999)

Scott Fortino, Chicago (black sea wall, red fence) (2000)

Scott Fortino, Bedroom, CHA Public Housing (2005)

Scott Fortino, Faculty Lounge Kitchen, IIT (2006)

Scott Fortino, Holmes Place Health Club (2005)

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