Thursday, August 31, 2023

Thoughts Today

Artist Statement

Actions change the world.

The world changes us.

Technology, indistinguishable from magic, shifts perception.

Photography as ritual.

Camera as transitional object.

Feelings follow form.

Form springs from feeling.

Fold paper - zines, fortune tellers, hyperbolic paraboloids, angels.

Handcraft mechanical reproductions.

Stories held - in objects, in hands, in bodies, in memories, in society.

Exchange at cafes, online and in the mail. 

Vulnerable and resilient.

Hidden and revealed.

Obscure and obvious.

Sacred, scarred and scared.

Fine prints and objects that invite touch. 

Fractured and whole.

The broken object is the object.

Something will kill me. 

Probably not today.

See you tomorrow.

Artist Bio

I am 72. Prostate cancer hasn’t killed me. Heart disease hasn’t killed me. COVID hasn’t killed me. A polarized country hasn’t killed me. Leaving the corporate world hasn’t killed me. AIDS hasn’t killed me. The cis-gendered heteronormative world hasn’t killed me. Nuclear war hasn’t killed me. Antisemitism hasn’t killed me. Living hasn’t killed me.

Cameras are lifelines, throughlines. Objects to hold in uncertainty. A companion that accompanies me on dates, to family gatherings, to protest rallies, to retreat programs, to treatment for cancer, to walks around the city.

Fortune Teller and Contained Images 

Larry Wolf (2023)

Larry Wolf (2023)

Larry Wolf (2023)

Submitted to Latitude as part of my application for their Artist in Residence 2024

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