Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Notes from July 1978

... at the Maine Photographic Workshops with Ralph Gibson (23 - 30 July 1987)

Larry Wolf, notebook from
March 1977 through July 1981
(photo 2023)

Sunday - 23 July 1978

3:37 ... after 5 years (more?) I'm wearing a watch ... $20 TI LCD black band [because I am starting a program where I will be on my own to get places on time]

3 Q's

Where are you now?

Where do you want to be?

What's stopping you?

Monday - 24 July 1978


Safe / Scary

3 hours spent with best piece (quietly in a chair)

Well seen ... Well translated (through 1 generation of film and paper)


"the creative potential of his own ambivalence" Ingmar Bergman

[Do] less good work ... there's potential ... these are too easy

Develop an idea

Tuesday - 25 July 1978

Listen to your own work

Inventory of unknowns

Break a rule and get a page in history


"I want photography to show me something that I can't see any other way." 

Friday - 28 July 1978

Recurring forms

Saturday - 29 July 1978

"There's nothing to talk about until you have a dummy"

notan - Japanese theory of black on white field

Sunday - Portland Airport - 30 July 1978


Bounded by darkness (a cave)

Tonal balance

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