Monday, March 13, 2023

Challenges --> Incendiary Fuel --> F***ing Amazing

Fri, Mar 10, 8:40 PM 

Hi Jeff -

Thanks for sharing your accounting for time. 5-Year Projects. 20 Summers. Very focused ways to make time real. And for the personal and family health heritage that makes this important to you.

All the best on this amazing adventure,


Sun, Mar 12, 9:41 AM 


Great to see you on Friday.  I’m glad you were at the opening ....  I am grateful that you are part of our community.

Thanks for sharing the drawings you’re making.  Please keep making them!  I love the ideas you have for sharing your talents and wisdom through your ... crew.

Use the near-term challenges you face as incendiary fuel for making something f***ing amazing.  When you’re free and clear of all of this, you’ll have a body of amazing work that can help others in ways you never imagined.



The Drawings

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