Monday, February 6, 2023

Crucible x 2

Larry Wolf, Crucible of Attention - Cool (2023)

Larry Wolf, Crucible of Attention - Hot (2023)

A crucible that holds our attention protects and nurtures fresh modes of being.

Our attention is the energy that transforms and extracts essential elements.

I Remember Rene Magritte's False Mirror (1929) above a doorway at the Museum of Modern Art sometime in the mid to late 1950s when my mother and I visited the museum. It was very crowded and hard for me to see much of the art, let alone comprehend what I was seeing, but this one painting called to me. I have been a fan of Magritte and the Surrealists ever since. 

See also: Crucible of Attention, a mindful viewing group taught through Latitude.

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