Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Too Much Coffee Not Enough Time

Emails with Stephen

Feels like too much coffee and not enough time these days. 

Remember when you used to ... 

Larry Wolf, Duffle (2017)

Ha.. I remember that guy...

... and our wonder filled time in San Francisco five (!) years ago ... planning for Courage Labs, the chat bot, Wisdom 2.0, morning practice sessions, walking and eating and living, discovering a book of essays by Rebecca Solnit in a neighborhood bookstore. Then flying off to a conference in Orlando.. all of that after a month on staff at a Karme Choling dathun.

Larry Wolf, Karme Choling 360 (2017)

I miss that guy.. I'm in a kind of mourning for him and his dreams.. 

Larry Wolf, Flying (2017)

While I play with color, shape and math magic

Larry Wolf, SIP Logo Hypar Permutations (2022)

Thanks for inviting that guy to the conversation


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