Monday, September 13, 2021

Folie à Deux

Cover Photo: H G Berger

When lovers play together, it is most beautifully a madness that's shared, an intoxication, a loss of boundary. Are we one? Are we two? Something new?

Hans George Berger and Herve Guibert shared such a madness.

We had built up a story, not yet completely revealed, of true moments and absurd stories, of pretentious falsifications and complicity, of sincere affection and reciprocal attraction. ... 

Hervé too had a Rollei 35; we often swapped cameras and film (always 400 ASA). He made as many photographs of me than I did of him. Only few of these photographs have been published so far. We lived together and mixed our images, we even had a certain pleasure imagining that one day gallerists, publishers and heirs would be in trouble to find out who was the author of a particular image. ... 

We believed that art was friendship, complicity, a shared vision of the world, against a background of a common conviction that questioned the truth of the substance of what you transmit and what you understand when you first look at something. We realised that we should not trust in easy answers; that behind the facade there are always secret rooms to explore.

Bianca Laura Petretto: What remains from art? Interview with Hans Georg Berger in Town of Waters. The photographical work of Hans Georg Berger. Edited by F P Campione and A M Montaldo, Aisthesis, Milan, 2001 

Book Photo

Cover Photo: Hans Georg Berger, Arnaud, Herve, and Huges collecting herbs, Casino Taddei Castelli, Elba 1982."

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