Monday, May 10, 2021

Flight Home - May 2021

 SWA LGA to MDW with Patti Smith Devotion

Larry Wolf, SWA LGA (2021)

Larry Wolf, Devotion (2021)
Her mind was a muscle of discontent.
- - - 
... all else faded as she stepped upon the ice, feeling its surface through the blades into her calves.
- - - 
He came to understand that tearing things apart was a powerful aspect of human nature.
- - - 
He found solace in the poet Rimbaud, who did so with words.
- - - 
The friction of her skates accelerated an already premature weakening of the pond's surface, precariously veined beneath a dangerously transparent layer. She did not slow down but whirled as if in the center of an infinity of infinities. That infamous space conjured and inhabited by mystics who no longer seek the nourishment of this earth. Free of all expectation or desire, she spun, and was at once the loom, the thread, the strand of gold. She bowed her head and lifted one arm toward the sky, surrendering, drawn by the gloved hand of her own conscience.
- - - 
... she performed with a harmony that only silence could match.

Patti Smith - Devotion 2017/2018

Larry Wolf, SWA MDW (2021)

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