Saturday, January 4, 2020

2020 Diving Deeper Into Photography

This past year I started engaging with photography with more intention, connecting with people and resources at Lillstreet Art CenterLatitudeFilter Photo and Shambhala Chicago - courses, critique groups and digital printers. Much of that has been documented in this blog.

My goal as been to develop a personal practice which includes photography and meditation, which connects mind and body, heart and soul, in ways that are emergent and holistic as well as analytic and reductionist. A personal practice that has daily activities, rituals that feed the hands and eyes, the mind and the body.

I want
  • community of others similarly engaged
  • teachings on photography and art making
  • structure that encourages regularly creating and sharing work

A term that keeps coming up is mastery. Mastery of the technical aspects of photography, creating and displaying images (on-line, on the wall and in books), making a polishing them, even when that means leaving them rough. It's a commitment to time and process (the famous ten thousand hours to world-class performance, or this version of ten thousand experiments).

I am considering a range of projects, from personal ones to some addressing the needs of organizations. Some themes that come to mind:

  • Queer/LGBT
  • Buddha dharma
  • Health/Equity/Wellness
  • Health IT/Data
  • Jewish Roots/Antisemitism/Judeophobia

Delight and surprise

Love of the doing

Courses to Start 2020

I'm taking a deeper dive, starting the year with a few simultaneous courses
At the same time, I plan to complete the Shambhala Art sequence of five programs

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