Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Portrait of the Empire State Building

Larry Wolf: Empire State Building
(February 2019)
Completed in 1931, the Empire State . Building was a major landmark when I was born in 1951, and continues to be so today.

This is a portrait of the grand building that I made a few weeks ago. The trees seem to offer context, they and the building are part of the urban environment.

I am reminded of my earlier post that included Edward Steichen's Flatiron building from 1904/1909. I'd forgotten that he too placed the tree limbs between the viewer and the building. His visual legacy is part of my unconscious thinking. It just seemed right to include the larger context and let the building hold its place, even in the background.
Edward J. Steichen: The Flatiron
(1904, printed 1909)

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